Makita 1" Wide Crown Stapler, 16 Ga.
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Shipping Weight 7.1 lbs.
Net Weight 5.1 lbs.
Power Type Pneumatic
Maximum Magazine Capacity 140
Operating Air Pressure 65 - 120 PSI

Makita 1" Wide Crown Stapler, 16 Ga.

The Makita 1" Wide Crown Stapler (model AT2550A) combines ease-of-use and performance in a compact size. The AT2550A has a top-loading magazine that accepts 16 ga. 1" staples (accepts 1" to 2” staple length). Jammed nails are easily cleared by opening the quick-release cam-lock on the nose assembly. The AT2550A has a compact size and weighs only 5.1 lbs. for all-day use. Additional convenience features include a hook that allows the tool to remain close-by but never in the way, and a multi-directional exhaust port that directs exhaust air away from the user.

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